SolaraShade STRAIGHT

SolaraShade Straight installs easily into the Four Seasons straight eave sunroom. White, bronze or sandtone aluminum tracks allow you to match perfectly to the color of your existing glazing bars. Have a wood solarium? ... no problem. We can provide Lexan TM plastic tracks so that all beams are seen through the optically clear, UV resistant plastic tracks. No covering up that beautiful wood! SolaraShade Straight is available in a 3/4" cell size. These high performance shades compact to about 5% of their original length, allowing you full visibility through your roof or wall glass.

SolaraShade CURVED

SOLARASHADE CURVED ... IT CORNERS NICELY! We can cover your curves perfectly with SolaraShade Curved. These unique 3/4" cellular shades conform perfectly to the contour of your Four Seasons sunroom. Energy efficient side tracks assist in moderating seasonal temperature fluctuations. A detachable telescopic wand allows you to raise, lower or stop your shades in any position. A perfect match for your Four Seasons lifestyle!


COVER THE SKY WITH SOLARASHADE CATHEDRAL! Cathedral applications can be controlled with energy efficient SolaraShade Cathedral, available 3/4" cell size. Back to back shades virtual disappear when not required. These coverings can be installed from the top down or bottom up for custom operation. Your choice of aluminum or transparent Lexan™ plastic tracks are available for both aluminum frame and wood interior Four Seasons sunrooms.


SOLARASHADE CONSERVATORY ... IT GOES ANYWHERE! Conservatory applications demand the finest in fabric and hardware system options. SolaraShade provides an unlimited array of options for your custom Four Seasons Georgian and Victorian applications. Perfect fitting shades complement the angles of this traditional sunroom.



SolaraSky is the ideal solution for covering your Four Seasons skylights. With high quality 100% polyester fabric, this shade is designed to provide maximum protection from the sun while not darkening out the room. SolaraSky will virtually disappear when not required, allowing you to maximize your view.

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