SolaraShade™ is a high quality, high performance shading system designed and fabricated by Brading Fabrication Limited exclusively for Four Seasons Sunrooms®. Established in 1979, Brading’s strategy has always been to provide customers with shading systems that will last for many years. That is why SolaraShade™ fabrics and hardware are engineered to withstand seasonal temperature fluctuations as well as damaging ultraviolet light.


SolaraShade™ is a proven shading system that integrates a durable, long lasting blind fabric with a smooth flowing tracking system to provide you with unmatched quality and enduring value. SolaraShade™ 100% non-woven polyester fabric is spun to create a high quality textile which offers long term durability. The fabric’s uniform white backing provides reflection of radiant heat while maximizing light penetration and presents a clean uniform exterior appearance.

The unique SolaraShade™ tracking system is designed to work harmoniously with the honeycomb fabric for years of flawless operation and is backed by a five year warranty. The use of UV and heat resistant polycarbonate plastic or colored aluminum tracking materials blend perfectly with any of the Four Seasons' glazing bars whether wood or aluminum. The plastic tracks in particular are supplied “optically clear" and virtually disappear upon installation. SolaraShade™ blinds are notched at the ends to invisibly guide the blinds in a smooth flowing manner. Our design allows the shades to conform perfectly to the curvature of the solarium while providing a leak resistant “thermal air blanket" to greatly reduce energy costs.

All SolaraShade™ fabrics easy to maintain. They can be cleaned by dusting or gentle vacuuming and washed with damp sponge with mild soap solution.


Engineered for long term use, the innovative gear driven tracking system keeps blind fabric securely in place while creating a “thermal air blanket" to save energy costs. Our “optically clear" polycarbonate plastic tracking system option is virtually invisible when the blinds are retracted.


The fabric's honeycomb design and uniform white backing provide exceptional thermal insulating properties, while maximizing light penetration and providing a clean uniform exterior appearance. Available in the slim 3/8" or the larger 3/4" formats, these blinds virtually disappear when not in use by compressing to about 5% of their expanded size.



Winter Frost LF-101


California Sand LF-102




Morning Cafe LF-103


Summer Taupe LF-104




Skylight Blue LF-105


Algonquin Moss LF-106




Chocolate Fudge LF-107


Canyon Red LF-108


Room Darkening


Northern White RD-201


Linen Stone RD-202




Prairie Sand RD-203


Golden Taffy RD-204

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