Why SolaraShade


SolaraShade™ adds comfort to your sunroom by working in conjunction with its glass. Additionally, SolaraShade™ is exceptionally efficient at moderating seasonal temperature fluctuations.


All SolaraShade™ fabrics are translucent enough to let natural light pass thru yet opaque enough to maintain complete privacy. Individual adjustment of blinds can create selective privacy with an optional bottom stacking application yet allow full view of the sun or stars.


SolaraShade™ fabrics are available in colors that perfectly complement your sunroom and furnishings. SolaraShade™ fabrics blend with any decor by creating a neutral, soft natural light filtering appearance similar to a “Japanese shoji screen".


The sun's glare can sometimes interfere with the enjoyment of your sunroom. SolaraShade™ blinds can be individually adjusted for dramatic glare reduction allowing you to read a book, watch TV or work on your computer in complete comfort.


Long term exposure to UV light can damage and fade your expensive furniture and fabrics. SolaraShade's UV resistant backing reduces UV light by up to 99%. This will protect and extend the life of your valuable furnishings while allowing ample natural light to nurture light sensitive plants and flowers.


SolaraShade's blind design is combined with a tight fitting tracking system to help trap air and create a double layer of “insulation" - one inside the honeycomb cell and another between the back of the fabric and glass. This creates a highly energy efficient shading system.
We got the perfect solution for your sunroom shades. 
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We specialize in custom blinds and shades for solariums.
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Affordable shades and blinds for solariums and sunrooms
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